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Blue Family

Unbreakable Friendships


The founder of this family and alpha class member, Kayla Bell, unfortunately graduated before she could receive a little sister.  This means that the family line is no longer active in our chapter.  However, we honor her contributions to our sorority and our bonds of sisterhood with her by having the blue family represent all those that have helped our chapter, whether in it's creation or as we have existed.

2011 Members

    Kimberly Miller    

Norma Chandler

Sigma Phi Delta - Phi Chapter

2012 Members

Dr. Richard Reid

Dr. Lewis Brown

Aaron Wood

Spike Miller

Brian Stresemann

Barb Dyer

LaVonne Riechers

2018 Members

Norma Chandler

2019 Members

Katie Yunker

Barbara Fourney

2020 Members

Logan Renes

Megan Fiala

2022 Members

Emma Martin

Nick Miller

2023 Members

Lori Braley

Emma Fischer

Gabe Delle

Anthony Radcliffe

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